Pregnant? Confused? Scared? … You’re not alone…

Sarah* was as well…
Sarah was 15 when she found out she was pregnant. Alone and without family support, unsure of what her options were and what they would mean for her, she was scared of what her future would look like.

After coming to Diamond Pregnancy Support Sarah was able to see through the haze and find hope for her and her child’s future. You can too.

If you’ve recently taken a pregnancy test and got a positive result or missed a period, you might be feeling a bit like Sarah* did… To make good choices for herself, Sarah* sought the facts and took the time to consider all her options.

Diamond Pregnancy Support provides compassionate care and support in the way of emotional support, practical assistance and appropriate referrals.

Because we understand that finding out you are pregnant can be very stressful and confusing we provide a confidential and compassionate environment where you can process everything, talk through all your options and concerns without fear of judgement or of being told what to do. All services are free, caring and confidential.
*’Sarah’ is not her real name.

We are here for you so please contact us today to arrange a confidential appointment!

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Diamond Pregnancy Support - About Us
Diamond Pregnancy Support is a not-for-profit organisation run by a group of compassionate and caring individuals that seek to provide help and support to women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy.
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Diamond Pregnancy Support - Services
Our goal is to provide a safe environment to assist and educate you during and after your pregnancy. We are here to give you hope for the future, encouragement, and practical support during this difficult time.
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Diamond Pregnancy Support - Resources
We have a wide range of helpful resources and contacts available that can provide you with helpful and accurate information. Find the answers to your questions and make informed choices.
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